A friend, darkgeenie sent this to me, and i decided to share it:
I keep trying to fly away,
See my wings beautiful and silky,
Colourful, attracting the best mate
And my voice, powerful, beautiful even.
I could fly as fast as any other avian specimen,
Dart and dive faster than the hawk,
Tangle the kite and leave it grounded,
But I keep trying to fly away.
Never succeeding in getting away;
The double beat of my wings in noon day storm,
The whoosh of wind in evening heat,
Seeing everything from every side.
A chain to the talon keeps me down;
See how pretty it twinkles in mid morning storm.
So long that even when its not there
I am kept from flying away.
My heavy heart keeps my feet folded
And my ever flowing tears keep my wings wet;
Shivering , shaking, lacking warmth
Waiting, what for? You know as well as I.