All fancy frills, dolled up in heels,
A little nip and hold here, a tuck there,
Keeping the wobble away from prying eyes.
Imperfections hidden and tossed aside,
Or perhaps not,
For I see behind this glass facade

Do you dare to be naked and unashamed?
Baring your all for me to see,
I foretell the discovery of common ground.
Flaws to revel in and enjoy,
As we roll around in the bulk that is us.

Childbearing hips proudly on display,
Surely and truly, I waddle from time to time,
With the friction between, a time-tested fire starter,
Not a gap will you find, nor washboards hard and sturdy.

Am I fat and lumpy or svelte and curvy?
Truth is, I simply am
Warm and cuddly, a joy to behold and hold
And testament to the diversity that is woman.