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Hey mister in the crisp white shirt and shiny shoes,
Slightly veering to the right as I walk your way,
My stench is but a reflection of all I’ve been through,
It tells a tale of life and struggle.
You judge me with just one glance,
Stop and hear my story,
I promise it won’t cost a thing.

I loved a man, oh how I loved him,
Tossing my dreams aside to bear his loftily,
We promised a lifetime, through fab and crap,
And walked out the church into a pit
But I stood beside him, that I did,
Turning straw into gold and eating it too,
Crawling, rolling through mud till victory we found.

The sweet aroma of success called my man,
Its allure hiding a seedy underbelly.
Gifts of fancy clothes to make you suave,
Going from cotton goodness to silky sleekness,
Smooth shyster, slithering for profit,
A kobo never enough when two more could be made.

I watched the transformation of my darling,
From a gangly genuine gent to the charming charade of a charlatan.
He danced with the devil, not a fear in the world.
One deal gone wrong, no remorse displayed,
The people rebelled, and a cataclysm followed.
Exploding empires, disappearing darlings,
Tarring me with rubble so black,
All and sundry turned their backs.

You look a lot like him,
Look at me now, pray tell what my crime was,
Did I love the wrong man?
Was my scent not enough to sustain him?
I walk these streets daily, searching for my love.
Tell him I wait, scattered pieces of us in hand.