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Bags packed, heading out the door
Should I, can I, may I?
Tis the adventure of a lifetime
Bright lights beckon me, warm lights bid me adieu
Spending my last night under the stars
Knowing I will soon be one. 

Basking in the hustle and bustle
Barely noticed, just another stranger clogging up the road
Daily, like a snake shedding skin, so the allure comes off
Revealing a grimy, seedy underbelly
My precious dreams, lost to me
Hidden in the shadow of the pillars of civilization 

Lights not bright, but dim and intermittent
And here I find a grim acceptance
In my hustle, a mark established
My grimy prints on the sands of time
I am here, here to stay. 

Holey and patched, once desired, now worn out
Starving for affection, loved in all the wrong ways
Spare me a kiss and a few notes, please
For love alone won’t pay these bills.
Shorn and shunned, battered and bruised,
I wear these battle wounds with pride.