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I saw you from across the distance,
And this well-hid heart skipped a beat,
Sneaking another glance your way,
The noise of those beside clamouring fades away,
Phenomena oft considered fairy-tales till my gaze upon you fell,
As they form a backdrop that enhances this vision.

Sucked into this magnificent maelstrom,
Perhaps I’ll go dancing on the streets,
Singing and making a fool of myself,
Displaying skills I utterly lack.
“This is alien to me”, I whisper to a passer-by
And I take that first step across the room.
Hold me before I do something stupid.

This glorious whirlwind wars with logic,
I am not and will never be a flibbertigibbet,
‘Tis but hormones and chemicals colouring my view.
Make them stop please, I beg of you,
Do not sing to me of stars and roses,
But tell a tale of caution and control.
The clouds without are heavy with the promise of rain,
Within my heart goes pitter-patter from its fear of pain.

I will not walk away with bits of my heart scattered on the floor,
To be blown by errant winds helter-skelter.
Take this gift with care and treasure it,
For this next step I take is heavy and dear.
Hoping for a lifetime together, not a stray month or two,
Life without risk is but a sky without blue,
So I take that last step and say hello.