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Hey tall fella over in the corner,
Don’t look away, I can feel your stare.
As your eyes rove over every inch of my frame,
Do you see me, the real me?
Take a step forward, look a little closer,
Dig beneath the walls that clothe me,
And peel off these layers bit by bit.

These gashes and scars tell their tale
Of battles fought and wars lost,
Pieces of me scattered far and wide,
Begging to be found and redeemed.
Flex a bit of muscle and rescue me from this abyss,
Gather what the wind has tossed without regard,
Put this puzzle back together,
And restore the masterpiece that once was.

Tarnished gold still has value, as does a shattered diamond,
Surely this damaged doll can still be restored
With the master’s touch and a skilled hand.
Gather me in your arms so strong,
Shelter me from the storms of life,
Let the healing you’re capable of flow freely,
And watch this beauty glow from within.