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Dark Path

A thump at my back followed by another,
The moon called to the stars
As my heart went a’wailing,
A stranger behind
Or just an active mind?

Slow down, calm down, listen,
And a strange crunch I heard,
Danger or fluke,
The sound failed to tell,
The night breeze picks up
To the drumbeat within.

Speed up, safe haven just ahead,
Friend or foe, I care not to know
As I jump to the crackle of a branch,
The light in the distance calls to me,
And then I stumble and fall.
Watching warmly as I slip and slide.

Rolling, crawling, walking,
Nay, I shan’t be caught flat-footed.
Come to my rescue, sun and skies,
Awake, shine and dispel my doom
Blind him, I pray thee, with your light so bright
And thus rescue me from this plight.