Without a doubt, he’s not meant to be here,
Day in, day out, he walks the grounds,
Trapped behind these four walls.
He walked through those gates shoulders high,
Failed by all he knew and trusted,
Now they slouch and droop.

 I came in here sure, confident,
Soon they’d discover their error,
For I did nothing wrong.
As days turned into weeks and months.
So my faith went weak at the joint,
Resigned to my fate,
 Awaiting death’s release.

I’m here to right those wrongs,
So I leave the gate ajar,
I know he saw me,
For those beady eyes see everything,
Walk out, be free,
Rejoin the land of the living.

 The open gate beckoned,
 Whispering songs of freedom,
 Left foot goes forward instinctively,
But perhaps it’s a trap,
 Willing my trembling heart to take the risk,
At worst, I’d die some days earlier.

Why does he dawdle so?
Tis the opportunity of a lifetime.
And I risk my job for this.
Walk, run, flee,
Surely tis worth the cost.

A gentle thought drops my way,
Freedom at what cost,
 Losing my honour, my values,
                                                               Right foot spins around sadly,
Tis too high a price to pay.