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Anathema, outcast, forsaken and broken,
Familiar words keeping her up at night,
For none would darken her doorstep.

Healers, doctors, physicians
With their herbs, drugs, potions,
She’s tried it all and lost.

Like wildfire, tales of the impossible passed by,
Who is he, of whom they speak?
Are these fairytales or facts?

Hope reawakened, a once dead sprout buds,
Venturing out, searching desperately,
Seeking his abode, his lectern, his presence

Finding him in a crowd so deep,
Shoved away and kicked out,
Despondent, she turned to leave,

Till a trickle reminded her,
Nought to lose, everything to gain.
Pushing through till His back she reached.

Lacking the boldness to make her request,
She did all she could, and his hem she touched,
And in that moment, she won it all