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Streams of white filled the air,
Dotted with a smattering of green and blue,
Dancing and laughing, eating and vowing,
Till the music fades, and the journey begins,
Down a new fork in the maze that is life,
And so they skip merrily to the bower prepared,
For this union must be consummated.

The lace falls off her shoulder and a little red man takes its place.
Of all the pretties that flock around, he chose her,
The one people called dull and insipid,
He perceived the beauty within and without
And pursued till her tall walls he breached,
But surely he’d seen better, been with hotter,
Would she be enough to keep him

He felt her withdraw, and panic so fierce gripped his heart
For his greatest fear was losing her,
Perhaps he then sensed the little imp
For he bent and whispered,
You’re all I’ve ever wanted