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Standing in a corner; all by myself,
Listening to the soundtrack of nature,
Cocooned by the still breeze,
Basking in the calm of that zone so ethereal.

An eerie cry splits the skies, bringing me crashing down,
The woods invaded by a milling crowd,
Inching closer second by second,
Crowding the corners, filling the spaces.

Animal instincts come alive at the smell of fresh meat,
Attacking, clamouring for bits and pieces,
Not content with what’s on offer.
“Go easy”, I plead, “Don’t take it all”
For a beating heart can still life sustain.

Howling with the thrill of the hunt,
Lost in tearing off chunks of me,
Till all that’s left is that life-giving organ,
And then, with one bite I’m gone,
Never to be seen or heard again.