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Gazing into the horizon; pondering life and its whims
The peaks, valleys and plains; sun, sand and turf in view
Rocks caressing his feet, the whisper of the waves getting stronger
Staring fear in the face, he jumps; his days flashing before his eyes

Launching into the deep with just one leap
Wet-suit streamlining; the water welcomes with open arms
Swaying from side to side, becoming one with the waves
Weights on his shoulders drowning as they fall
Beholding the kaleidoscope of colors under the sea

Short of air, reality delivers a rude awakening
Breaking the water’s surface with a deep breath
Lighter, happier, fulfilled
Diving back in striving to go deeper

You’ve heard of the gift that keeps on giving, today its evil twin paid me a visit. It started with me waking up to meet a family of zits on my face; a polygamous one at that. The day then proceeded to spiral downwards. However, instead of bemoaning my fate, based on my muse up above and Renee’s blog today for day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I’ve decided to launch into the deep and draw up a bucket list.
I’ll write and share it in my next post. 

Anyone else had a day like mine, please share so we can have a pity party.
If your day’s been rosy, I’d love to hear about it as well, to bring a smile to my face, and to all who read.