She stands, resolute and strong
Inching up gradually, steadily
Struggling to survive with all she has
Arms outstretched, not bowing down
Till her full splendor the world sees

Wailing winds, pouring rains
Howling thunder, bolts of lightning
Left and right, they fall; bombarding her frame
After the storm she hopes for the calm
The rebellious sun chooses to shine strong
Hot blasting rays, drying all within her
Still she stands

Seasons come and go
Spring blossoms, planting the hope of a new generation
Summer blooms making fruitful, her arms full of bounty uncountable
Autumn harvests, plucking her children, never to be seen again
Winter chills, gracefully cloaking her shame in white

Still she stands
Surviving the test of time
Ready for a fresh chance to do it over again
For her roots go down deep