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I’m typing and scratching my head, pondering how to apologize for my absence; I got buried under by work and have only just managed to dig myself out. Words fail me so I simply say “I’m sorry” with a promise to appease by delivering the promised short story as soon as possible.

Here’s something to tide you over till then.

The clock ticks unending
My overflowing in tray clamors for my attention
Not enough time in the day it seems
Supper gone cold, bedtime missed
I creep into bed pondering on that tray
All in my quest to put food on the table
Deadlines, meetings, mails; they all scream my name
Ball games, recitals, award ceremonies; fall unattended by the wayside
Cars and games, dolls and books; to convey a father’s love
Aiming, pushing, and straining to reach the top
Only to find it a cold, and barren land
On to the next peak, for there not here
Is said to lie the much hailed promised land
Mounds of grey hair, strength all sapped
Crawling home accolades in hand; only to meet an empty nest
Tis the price to be paid for fame and fortune
I ask myself “was it worth it?”