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Today amidst the shuffle of ads and sales gimmicks in my mail, I got a personal letter; it was from my first Barbie. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, and even more so at why she was getting in touch. I’ll share it with you, some lines removed to protect my image

Hi Sisi,

It’s been ages, I remember with great fondness the times we had together. I was your first Barbie; the look on your face when you opened your present and saw me was priceless. We had numerous tea parties and dress up. Sometimes, you’d have your friends over, they’d come with their Barbies and we’d all have a grand time, the dates and numerous weddings to Ken, the practice wedding march and first dance. Then you got a newer model and handed me down to a younger cousin who was nothing like you, I was mutilated and then abandoned. Not to worry, I’m not bitter, we were trained to handle such situations so I knew what to expect before I was assigned to you. I dare say I’ve done pretty well for myself between then and now.

The stories you acted out then, the fairytales with the knight and the princess, were just that, fairy tales. I see you and your friends all grown up, still acting them out in so many ways, striving to look and seem perfect, and pretending to be people you’re not in the desire to be like everyone else. I always envied you humans; your diversity, the vast opportunities at your fingertips. You see, all Barbies are created the same, we look the same, and we marry the same man. I was initially flattered seeing the trend of you wanting to be like us but I must warn you, it’s not a good place to be. It’s hard to stand out in the crowd when everyone else looks like you, but in different clothes. Remember those were just fairy tales, dare to stand out, dare to be different, be YOU always.

Much love,


PS: Don’t bother replying, taking my words to heart and changing will be thanks enough.

I’m at a loss for words right now and would love to hear your feedback; in whatever form; opinions, suggestions etc