I bought this book a couple of weeks ago after stumbling on it whilst checking Debonair bookstore’s website. Yesterday I finally sat down to read it and boy was I glad I did. Its a motivational book in disguise; full of words of wisdom packaged in funny anecdotes and backed with facts. His personal stories not only got me laughing, they got me thinking.

Some of the lessons I came away with are:

Believing in my dream: Just jump, maybe I’ll learn to fly or find a parachute in my pack and even if I crash, to be sure to use the experience as a stepping stone and learn from it.

Not letting prejudices cloud my judgment: Sometimes it’s not so obvious, I’m human and there are certain inbred biases but once I spot any, I’ll be sure to drop ‘em like hot potatoes.

Commitment: It’s not about aspiring to be a one-hit wonder, it’s about constantly performing. Now I can honestly say that’s not something I wanted to hear, I tend to flitter from thing to thing, which is why I write a lot of short stories and poems instead of working on that great novel buried in my head.

Kindness; not just to those I stand to gain from but to everyone around me. It goes a long way and maybe it’ll come back to you.

It’s such an easy read. I could go on and on but instead, here’s my advice, go grab your copy. I believe you’ll come away with something new; a new idea or a buried dream re-awakened.

Oh and to top it off, the book is chock full of sketches that are humorous and insightful at the same time, and trooping over to his site, dare I say it, I’ve stolen quite a few and now they adorn my desktop reminding me to go for it.

Who knows, maybe his stupidity will also save your life.

PS: From time to time, when I read a really good book, I’ll drop a note to let y’all in on it. Let me know what you think when you’re done reading it., or if you have any recommendations for me to read.